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Client Reviews

Client reviews are here so you can read how their lives have been positively enhanced using hypnotherapy.

Thank you to clients for your permission to share

"I cannot express to you how much Sara’s guidance and methods have helped me become the best version of myself - healthier in mind, happier in soul and so much more equipped to face the day to day challenges adult life throws at me. She really is incredible at what she does and I’m so happy to have been one of her clients. The hypnotherapy provided by Sara has helped me unlock love and respect for myself – for that I will be forever grateful. She is professional, personable and knows exactly how to tackle individual problems with knowledge, compassion, and care. Having hypnotherapy with Sara has become one of my favourite things to do and I couldn’t recommend it enough!"

Jamie Kirkland - April 2024

"I was recommended to Sara to deal with my ADDICTION to VAPING.  After I met Sara (via Teams) I got complete confidence and it felt completely positive.  Sara is a professional hypnotherapist and, most importantly, someone who listens to you even before she suggests something.  I absolutely love that ...  


Honestly, I feel lucky to have come across Sara.  I will never call it a therapy session because it was more like a natural process for liberating myself from stress and wanting to vape - or the ADDICTION to vape.  Thank you again Sara.  I am pretty sure you will help a lot more people like me and get them back on the right path in their lives."

Pavan T - February 2024

"I had the best night's sleep after a beautiful RELAXATION session with Sara yesterday evening. Sara is calm and holds a safe healing space to allow you to truly relax and release all of the pressure, stress and anxiety!!


I will be making sessions with Sara a regular part of my self care practice.  Thank you Sara for being you and a wonderful hypnotherapist."

A Chaise - December 2023

"As soon as I met Sara, I knew she could help me.  I had a free consultation with Sara and then three hypnotherapy sessions and I really feel so much better! I feel calmer, more positive and at peace with myself.


Sara has given me the tools to help me deal with my crippling ANXIETY and get myself out of the circle of allowing the anxiety to dictate to me.  I know Sara will be there should I need her in the future.  I would love to go back and have some deep relaxation with her some time.  

Lovely, warm, empathetic girl with a real skill and a deep desire to just help us be ourselves without all our baggage.  Thank you Sara."

Dorothy R - December 2023

"I have known Sara for some years now and she has always been very supportive so I didn't think twice about asking her to help me.  The OVER-THINKING, NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND ANXIETY had been affecting me for many years.  I had a personal face to face consultation and four sessions via Teams.  I can't explain it but I feel calmer, more positive and am looking forward to a future where I am kinder to myself."

Lisa H - March 2024

"I have had positive changes in my NEGATIVE THOUGHTS following my sessions, leading me to be less ANXIOUS and more in control of my mind.  This has allowed me to become happier and more present in my day-to-day life - thank you Sara."

Ben R January 2024

"What an amazing experience and truly lovely lady!  Sara makes you feel at ease straight away and her relaxation sessions are just what the doctor orders when you need to unwind after a busy day.

I did her four week WEIGHT MANAGEMENT course and finally fit into a pair of jeans I haven't fit in years!  


Sara gives you all the tools required to take her teachings forward and utilise daily.  


I would definitely recommend any therapy from Sara, she truly is amazing."

Charlotte Rose - December 2023

"I initially started to see Sara because I was suffering quite badly with MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS, mainly hot flushes. 

I admit I was quite sceptical about hypnosis but was at a stage where I was willing to give anything a go!  

Amazingly the hot flushes seemed to disappear from that very first session and I haven't had any problems since!  

Sara is a lovely person and put me at ease straight away.  She is brilliant at what she does and I will always be grateful to her."

Alison C-T - November 2023

"What an absolutely amazing lady Sara is. I was having trouble being in the house on my own whilst my partner works away and she has helped me to find peace in my home again.

I was also having to take SLEEPING TABLETS ... I haven't taken any after completing the hypnotherapy course with Sara.  I cannot thank her enough for the help and tools she has given me.  

I highly recommend Sara to anyone who feels they need some support in any aspect of their life.  Thank you."

Sara T - November 2023

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